Common Questions

How do I register my child for football or cheerleading?

Bring your child and his or her birth certificate to one of our registrations listed on the Events page.

What is the cost?

$45 for flag (ages 7 & 8 ), $75 for tackle (ages 9 to 12) and $75 for cheerleading (ages 7 to 12).

What is the age cutoff date?

Players will be assigned to teams according to the age they are prior to September 1st.

What are the age & weight requirements?

Flag – Ages 7 & 8. No maximum weight. Players exceeding 95 pounds have the option of playing tackle.

Freshman – 9 years of age. 115 pounds maximum (105 in street clothes)

Sophomore – 10 years of age. 130 pounds maximum (120 in street clothes)

Junior – 11 years of age. 145 pounds maximum (135 in street clothes)

Senior – 12 years of age, NO exceptions. 160 pounds maximum (150 in street clothes)

All weights include full pads, helmets, shoes, etc. Pads weigh approximately 10 pounds.

Players exceeding the maximum weight have the option to play up. Players weighing 50 pounds or more under the maximum weight may play down one league.

What equipment do we need?

Flag – Optimist provides uniform shirts. You will need to purchase plain white shorts (no pockets or drawstrings), football shoes, practice shirt and a colored mouthpiece.

Tackle – Optimist provides helmets and uniform jersey. You will need to purchase shoulder pads, all white football pants with pads, shoes, practice jersey and a colored mouthpiece.

Cheer – Optimist provides cheer uniforms.

What team will my child be on?

All teams are selected by age and school attended. Final team rosters will not be completed until June or July.

When and where will we practice?

Practice times and locations will be determined by your coach. Since we organize teams by school, your practice location will often be close to your child’s school. Practice may begin Monday, August 11.

When and where will we play?

All games are played on Saturdays beginning September 6. Roughly half your games will be played in Nampa at Optimist Park. The other half will be played in Boise or other locations.

How many games will we play?

Flag, Freshman, Sophomore and Juniors play 7 games (Juniors have a chance to play an 8th game). Seniors play 8 games.

What is Jamboree?

Jamboree is our season kickoff at BSU Bronco Stadium. All players MUST be present at Jamboree to play Optimist Football. Players are weighed, team photos are taken and teams play a short scrimmage.

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