Nampa Optimist Football and Cheer

2021 Online Registration

To begin, you must register YOURSELF as a Guardian in the system. Use to fill out the enrollment for yourself.

Once you complete that process of getting YOUR account set-up, you can ‘Enroll’ your participants (Flex, Tackle, & Cheer). You can enroll all of them at the same time. IF you have any issues once you registered, please go to and that will allow you to try and get in to finish the process.

Once you have added all your participants, is to select each participant, and select ‘Enroll’ to begin getting them registered. For the ‘Club’, select NAMPA. For the ‘Season’, select FALL 2021. For the ‘Sport’, select either ‘FLEX’, ‘TACKLE’, or ‘CHEER’. For ‘League’, select your age group, or FLEX, or CHEER. Then follow the rest as best you can.

After filling all that out, you then proceed to the ‘Payment’ screen. ‘Card’ will finish your registration process. You may select ‘Cash’ or ‘Check’, which will need to be brought to one of the Weigh-in & Fittings date and times.

** NO PLAYER WILL BE PLACED ON A TEAM UNTIL REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE, which includes full payment of player fees. If Special Arrangements must be made for payments, please bring them up at one of the ‘Weigh-in’s & Fittings’.